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Be careful what you put into your child’s baby bottle. Even seemingly innocent products such as juice or sugar water can have a disastrous effect on the health of your child. As a general rule, you should avoid giving your child any sugar or sugar-heavy product when they are young, or your child could end up with a form of dental erosion known as baby bottle tooth decay.

Listed below are a few helpful hints regarding baby bottle tooth decay:

– If you share any utensils, cleaning products, bottles, or other objects from your mouth to your infant’s, contamination will occur, which will cause new bacteria to enter their mouth.

– When using toothpaste for your young child’s teeth, use a dash about the size of a rice grain, and make sure it is fluoride free and approved by your dentist or features the ADA Seal of Acceptance.

– Baby bottle tooth decay is frequently caused by sugary drinks, such as sugar water, sports drinks, juices, soda, and flavored water, which are given to children in their baby bottles, as it can erode their tooth enamel and can pool in their mouths while they sleep.

– Baby bottle tooth decay can be caused by flavoring or coating the lid to a bottle or a pacifier with a sugary substance intended to get the child to consume the product, such as honey.

– By the time your child is roughly 6 months old, their first teeth will begin to show up above the gumline and appear in their mouth for the first time, at which time they must be cleaned and cared for daily to ensure decay does not occur.

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