Check us out on YouTube as we talk teeth #watchyourmouthSpanish
Check us out on YouTube as we talk teeth #watchyourmouthSpanish

5 Ways Veneers Can Help that You Didn’t Know About

In a perfect world, everyone would be born with bright white, perfectly straight teeth like the runway models and Hollywood movie stars. But alas, in the real world teeth can be stained, gapped, and/or misshapen, not to mention sustaining accidental damage resulting in chips or breaks. The good news is there are a variety of restorative and cosmetic dental procedures today that can take a less than perfect smile and transform it into a beautiful, perfectly healthy, natural-looking smile. One of the more popular minimally invasive cosmetic smile “perfectors” are called dental veneers.

Dental veneers are made of super-thin porcelain material that mimics the appearance of natural teeth. The veneers are individually designed to match the shape and natural color of each patient’s natural teeth.

Brett Langston, DMD, at Dental Implant and Aesthetic Specialists of Atlanta in Decatur, Georgia, shares his extensive experience with this top go-to procedure and five ways veneers can help that you didn’t know about.

#1 The ultimate total smile do-over

Veneers are designed to cover common imperfections like stained and misshapen teeth as well as chipped, broken, or gapped teeth. A veneer can be used on an individual tooth or on multiple teeth. By bonding the veneers to the front of the teeth, the imperfections are hidden, and you get an immediate smile do-over that’s both natural looking and stain-resistant. Think perfect, natural teeth, but better.

# 2 Long lasting impact in two appointments

As if that weren’t enough, Dr. Langston can take your teeth from blah to wow in two appointments without the tooth reduction and time commitment often required by braces and other cosmetic procedures.

During the first appointment, Dr. Langston prepares the surface of each tooth that will get a veneer by cleaning and removing a thin layer of enamel to allow the veneer to fit properly. The dental team also makes an impression of the tooth (or teeth) so that your veneers can be created.

The second appointment is when the real magic happens. Dr. Langston adheres the veneers to the front of your teeth. Once bonded, the team checks your bite and makes any final adjustments needed, and you leave the office with the smile you’ve always dreamed of. With attentive at-home care and proper professional cleanings, most dental veneers can last seven to 10 years.

# 3 Shield teeth from bacteria

Not only will dental veneers look great and last long, but they also act as a shield against bacteria and germs. Gapped, broken, cracked, and chipped teeth can expose dentin and pulp, the inner layers of teeth, to bacteria. If untreated, this exposure can result in gum disease and tooth loss. Veneers create a protective shield to block out bacteria.

# 4 Safeguard enamel

Similarly, dental veneers can safeguard the hard enamel tooth coating, which, once damaged, cannot be restored. Simply by covering worn-down enamel or naturally occurring weak enamel, veneers protect the tooth surface from further damage like tooth decay.

# 5 Restores confidence

The intrinsic benefit of getting the smile you’ve always wanted seems like a no-brainer. But until you’ve seen the new, enhanced smile that dental veneers can make possible, you can’t imagine the incredible confidence booster it creates.

If you have broken, gapped, misshapen, or stained teeth and are wondering if dental veneers are right for you, call the team at Dental Implant and Aesthetic Specialists of Atlanta at 404-321-4588 for a consultation or book your appointment online.