Check us out on YouTube as we talk teeth #watchyourmouthSpanish
Check us out on YouTube as we talk teeth #watchyourmouthSpanish

Discover the Benefits of Teeth in a Day


Yes, it is possible to restore missing teeth in just one day!

Is it truly possible to get a brand-new smile in a day? Well, with our Decatur, GA, prosthodontist Dr. Brett Langston, it is! We know the stress that comes with having an incomplete smile. We’ve worked with countless patients dealing with tooth loss and we know the toll that it takes on a person’s appearance, health and confidence. However, waiting months or even years to get a new smile can feel draining. With our Teeth in a Day option, we can give our patients back the smiles and confidence they need without having to wait.

Dental implants are a wonderful way for healthy adults to regain full and strong smiles after tooth loss. This is one reason Dr. Langston and his expert team recommend getting dental implants. Here at our Decatur, GA, practice, we offer Teeth in a Day so you can get amazing results fast.

Teeth in a Day is a unique dental implant option that supports and holds permanent prosthetic teeth in place. Instead of having to wait months after placing implants to attach false teeth such as a bridge or dentures, Teeth in a Day speeds up the process and allows our patients to walk out our doors with a full set of teeth.

Several implants are placed along the jawbone and then temporary prosthetic teeth are immediately attached to the implants, so you don’t have to wait months without teeth. Once the bone and tissue have fully healed around the implants, you’ll come back into our office so we can place your permanent prosthetic teeth and make any necessary adjustments. It’s important to recognize that even during the entire healing process you’ll still have a fully functional and beautiful smile that stays in place.

There are several steps involved in getting Teeth in a Day. These steps include:

  • Getting a CT scan of your mouth, which will tell our team exactly where to place the implants within the jawbone
  • Undergoing a minor surgical procedure right here in our office under local anesthesia and sedation, where we will place the implants into the jawbone
  • Placing a temporary dental prosthetic over the implants, which you will wear while your implants heal
  • Fitting you with your permanent prosthetic once your mouth has fully healed

If you are interested in getting teeth in a day, turn to the award-winning team here at Dental Implant and Aesthetic Specialists of Atlanta in Decatur, GA. Dr. Langston and his team come with more than 100 years of combined dental experience. Get the smile you know you deserve. Call us today at
(404) 321-4588 to schedule your consultation.