Check us out on YouTube as we talk teeth #watchyourmouthSpanish
Check us out on YouTube as we talk teeth #watchyourmouthSpanish

Professional Teeth Whitening: The Quickest Way to Look Years Younger

When you think about anti-aging treatments, dental concerns might not initially be at the top of your list. But you should make professional teeth whitening one of your New Year’s goals if you want to end up looking years younger! Although wrinkles and gray hairs can indicate aging, discoloration of your teeth also visibly ages your appearance and makes more of a difference than you may realize. Restoring your smile’s brilliance gives you a quick, easy, and painless way to almost instantly look years younger.

At Dental Implant and Aesthetic Specialists of Atlanta, we offer professional whitening treatments from a comfortable office in Decatur, Georgia. Our experienced care team, led by Brett Langston, DMD, can also suggest safe, effective take-home treatment options to accommodate your busy schedule!

Turn back time

In your youth, your teeth appear white and unstained, with an even, brilliant color. Over the years, many different things can cause stains or discoloration to dim your grin. Foods and beverages like coffee, tea, red wine, and blueberries can leave stains on your teeth that brushing alone won’t remove. Some medications, as well as habits like smoking, can also cause discoloration. With time, your dental enamel may also naturally yellow. With teeth whitening, you can restore the appearance of your smile for a younger overall look.

Just abstaining from foods or drinks that can cause dental stains won’t necessarily be enough to keep your teeth pure white into your adult life, although it can be helpful in maintaining the results of professional teeth whitening treatments. By reversing the stains and discoloration that accumulate over time, teeth whitening can give you a more youthful appearance. We can brighten your smile by multiple shades with safe, professional treatments.

In-office or at home

Our care team at Dental Implant and Aesthetic Specialists of Atlanta can support you in your anti-aging goals. Depending on the type of discoloration you’re experiencing, different types of treatment might be right for you, so make sure to consult with a professional for the best teeth whitening results. With professional treatment, you can expect better results than over-the-counter kits would produce.

We provide professional teeth whitening services from our Decatur, Georgia office. When you come in for a treatment, we apply whitening gel that removes stains and discoloration from the exterior of your teeth. Dr. Langston uses the KöR® whitening system, the only whitening treatment currently available that removes tetracycline stains.

We also offer professional-quality teeth whitening kits, so you can take care of treatments at home on your own time. The safe, yet effective bleaching gel will remove stains and discolorations.

To get started on your teeth whitening journey and begin realizing your anti-aging goals for 2020, contact Dental Implant and Aesthetic Specialists of Atlanta today. You can book your appointment over the phone or by using the online booking tool.