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We invite you to read our blog to learn more about the benefits of a dental bridge and whether one may be a good solution to a missing tooth. Our dentist may recommend a dental bridge for a number of reasons, so contact us for more information.

First, a dental bridge is used to close any gaps in your smile, and restores the functionality of your smile. Dr. Brett Langston can design a dental bridge to match your existing tooth color, shape, and function. Several reasons may factor in getting a bridge; however, one reason may be due to severe decay and damage to a tooth or two, which may warrant a tooth extraction. A consequence of having missing teeth is that it can throw off your bite and prevent you from using your teeth as intended. We can place a dental bridge and attach it to healthy teeth on each side of the missing tooth/teeth, and help restore your chewing capabilities and spaces between teeth.

Other benefits of a bridge include preventing remaining teeth from shifting positions, maintaining your normal face shape, filling the spaces left by missing teeth, and restoring your smile, with the ability to upgrade from removable dentures. At Dental Implant and Aesthetic Specialists of Atlanta, we will examine your mouth and take X-rays, to determine the right solution. If the dentist feels you would benefit from a dental bridge in Decatur, Georgia, we will plan an appointment day and time for the placement. We hope to help return your chewing abilities, restore your smile, and provide optimal care. Contact our terrific dental team to learn more at (404) 321-4588 and to make an appointment.