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Dental veneers in Decatur, Georgia, are essentially porcelain shells that Dr. Brett Langston cements onto the faces of the teeth in your smile. This will effectively resolve many cosmetic imperfections, like chips and staining issues. While the veneers are meant to give you a winning smile that lasts a long time, they will still need daily care and cleaning to maintain them.

The veneers are merely cemented to the face of each tooth that is visible in your smile. The remainder of the tooth enamel is still vulnerable to tooth decay. This means you will need to diligently brush and floss these teeth twice each day to keep them strong and healthy.

It’s also worth noting that the biting edge of the dental veneers can never be as hard as natural tooth enamel. If you enjoy biting into a lot of hard and crunchy foods, you might want to develop a habit of cutting them into chunks and popping them into your mouth.

The porcelain material the veneers are made out of is only receptive to minor surface stains. If you have premolars or other teeth that are partially visible in your smile and you enjoy dark foods and beverages, they could stain them in contrast to the veneers. Since the porcelain will only be susceptible to surface stains, your white smile will be easy to maintain.

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