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Did you know that depending on the number of teeth to replace, dentures can be either complete or partial? Whether complete or partial, dentures are always designed to restore your full smile. Here are some facts about complete and partial dentures to help you know which is the better fit for you.


Complete dentures replace all teeth and come in two main varieties: conventional and immediate. Conventional complete dentures are installed between two and three months post-teeth removal so that gums can settle; patients will have no false teeth during gum-settling. Immediate complete dentures can be ready for same-day placement, but they will need adjusting since gums and bones shift during healing and gum-setting.


Partial dentures are designed to replace less than a full set of teeth. Bridges of partial dentures hold false teeth in spots matching the wearer’s missing teeth and are secured in the wearer’s mouth with clasps that fasten to remaining natural teeth. Dr. Brett Langston might recommend tooth removal and suggest complete dentures when remaining original teeth are in poor condition.

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