Dental Veneers – The Best Treatment for a Stunning Smile

If you’re looking for a Hollywood smile, dental veneers are the perfect solution. A porcelain or composite overlay is fitted to your teeth to change their shape, fill gaps, or change their shade. The goal is to build a beautiful smile that boosts your confidence for every part of your life. Ask our dentist today… Read more »

Dentures Can Give You the Full Function and Appearance of Your Teeth

If left unchecked, advanced gum disease and tooth decay can result in the loss of teeth and the bone structure that is anchoring your teeth in place. This can severely compromise your smile and oral health in many ways. Beyond impairing your ability to adequately chew food, tooth and bone loss can impact your speech,… Read more »

Tooth Sensitivity Is Often a Result of Enamel Erosion

Tooth sensitivity will often cause pain or a sharp stinging sensation in one or more of your teeth when you consume hot, cold, sweet or acidic foods and drinks. This can drive some people to avoid a wide array of foods they enjoy. Many people with sensitive teeth will find some relief by brushing their… Read more »

Dental Facts vs. Dental Myths

Oral care is very important if you’re interested in protecting your oral—or overall—health. Unfortunately, there are many dental myths that are widely accepted by the general public, which could lead to complications. To help you avoid some of these issues, our team is happy to reveal the truth behind these rumors. One common myth you… Read more »

Care and Cleaning Tips for Your New Partial

Your new custom partial fitted at is designed to restore the full function and appearance of your lost teeth. By keeping a few basic care and cleaning tips in mind, and including your partial in your oral hygiene routine, you can help to ensure that it will serve you for many years to come. Denture… Read more »

Consider Mouthwash in Your Home Care Routine

Did you know there are more bacteria in your mouth right now than there are people on the earth? That’s a lot! And while not all of them are bad or may cause problems like tooth decay and gum disease, plenty have the potential to damage your oral health. Brushing your teeth certainly helps to… Read more »

Dental Implants: After Your Procedure

So you finally got the dental implants you’ve been needing, and things are great. You are biting, chewing, and speaking like normal, and people are commenting on your vibrant new smile. You want to do everything you can to keep your new smile as healthy and brilliant as it is now. What should you do?… Read more »

Saliva: The Unsung Hero of Your Mouth

Whatever you’re doing—eating, breathing, sleeping—saliva is helping you do it by keeping your mouth moist and comfortable. Saliva also protects your teeth by washing away filmy plaque, neutralizing acids from food and preventing bacteria from attaching to your mouth. The enamel layer on your teeth is what protects the soft tissue and roots from decay,… Read more »

Problems Caused by Cavities

You know that cavities are bad news, but did you know that it can be difficult to detect a cavity while it’s forming? And while you could know that having a cavity is a problem, did you know that not treating a cavity could lead to a wide array of problems. For instance, did you… Read more »

Dental Veneer Maintenance 101

Your new dental veneers represent a serious investment in giving you the brilliant and even smile of your dreams. Gaining some new dental habits will help ensure that they provide you with your ideal smile for many years to come. Even though the porcelain veneers are not vulnerable to tooth decay, they will still need… Read more »