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At Dental Implant and Aesthetic Specialists of Atlanta, Dr. Brett Langston can help you brighten your smile with a teeth whitening procedure. Additionally, he can give you a kit to take home so that you can continue to keep your smile looking good. But there are other things that you can do to maintain that smile.

There are plenty of whitening toothpastes on the market. While you are in the office, talk with the dentist about which kind of toothpaste will work best for you. You should also consider what you eat. Crunchy fruits and vegetables and hard cheese will scrub the stains from your teeth, and eating a green leafy salad before eating pasta and tomato sauce will add  a protective film to your teeth.  Additionally, cheese and yogurt contain calcium which will strengthen and whiten your teeth.  Speaking of stains, red wine, coffee, tea and colored drinks will stain your teeth, so you might consider limiting your intake of those drinks, and when possible, enjoy them with a straw,

We mentioned tomato sauce earlier, you should also remember that curry, berries and balsamic vinegar can also stain your teeth. If you enjoy these foods, have a glass of water with your meal to help combat staining.

If you smoke or use tobacco, its is time to stop if you want your bright smile to last, since tobacco and nicotine both contribute to stained teeth.

Finally, healthy tooth enamel will keep your smile shiny. The best way to maintain your tooth enamel is to brush twice a day with a fluoride toothpaste, floss before bed, and to see your dentist for your regular cleanings and exams.

If you have been thinking about whitening your teeth, and you live in the Decatur, Georgia area, contact Dental Implant and Aesthetic Specialists of Atlanta at (404) 321-4588 for an appointment.