Check us out on YouTube as we talk teeth #watchyourmouthSpanish
Check us out on YouTube as we talk teeth #watchyourmouthSpanish

Retirement Community Dental

Specialized Dental Care for Seniors in Nearby Retirement Communities

Dental care is essential for people of all ages, but it can be particularly vital for seniors. At Dental Implants and Aesthetic Specialists, Dr. Brett Langston offers tailored dental services for seniors in retirement communities in the areas of Atlanta and Brookhaven, GA.

Here is what you need to know about our gentle, specialized care for seniors.

Dentist checking up patient's teeth

Why Choose Our Specialized Care?

Seniors in retirement homes have specific needs that we’re able to meet. We know that oral health can deteriorate as you grow older, but losing your teeth is not something you necessarily have to face. With the right guidance and care from an expert like Dr. Langston and his team, keeping your natural teeth looking and feeling their best is possible.

And if you already have missing teeth, our team can create custom dentures for you that fit comfortably and securely. From restorative care to preventive cleanings, Dr. Langston can handle all of your senior dental care needs.

For seniors in assisted living communities, turning to specialized care is important, and coming to our office offers added benefits. You can leave your normal environment and interact with our friendly and welcoming staff while getting the exact services you need with some of the best technologies available.

Our Services Offered

For seniors living in assisted communities, we offer a wide variety of individualized services. Take a look at our comprehensive options:

Denture Services

If you have missing teeth and need dentures — or if you already have dentures but find them uncomfortable to wear when eating or talking — Dr. Langston can help. He offers custom dentures that fit correctly, including:

  • Acrylic partial dentures
  • Traditional upper and lower dentures
  • Metal framework partial dentures
  • Implant-supported dentures

We also provide relining and repair services to get the dentures you already have to fit more comfortably. Relining your dentures is generally needed every two years.

Dental Exams

Regular check-ups are vital for seniors living in assisted communities. Catching oral health issues early makes the process of treating them easier and faster. Dr. Brett Langston has years of experience treating age-related dental issues, including oral cancer and dry mouth.

When you come to our offices, we’ll perform a full assessment of your teeth and gums, taking X-rays if needed. This thorough exam lets us offer the most accurate treatment for any issues you’re facing.

Preventive Services

We strive to prevent oral health issues in patients of all ages. That is why we offer preventive care for seniors in retirement communities who may struggle with daily oral hygiene routines.

One of the services we offer is teeth cleaning. Being unable to brush your teeth or floss correctly because of dexterity or mobility issues means plaque can start building on your teeth. Plaque damages the enamel, setting the stage for oral health issues. By coming to our office regularly, you can get professional cleanings.

Restorative Services

If you have damaged or missing teeth, we offer many restorative options to get your mouth fully functional once more. Our restorative services include:

  • Crowns
  • Bridges
  • Dental implants

Our attention to detail allows us to provide the most natural-looking results, while our dedication to comfort ensures you have a positive experience. To provide the best treatment option, we consider your preferences, the dental conditions you have, and your overall health.

Retirement Communities We Serve

We work closely with a number of retirement communities, welcoming residents into our office for the quality care they deserve. By keeping in touch with administrators at the facilities, we can better serve our senior patients. We serve many locations within Brookhaven and the surrounding Atlanta areas.

While senior living residents will need to come to the office to receive care, we collaborate closely with these communities to offer you a seamless, convenient experience.

Enhanced Convenience for Residents

For residents of nearby retirement communities, we offer dental care that is convenient and affordable. To make sure our office is accessible for everyone, we have a huge parking lot with plenty of free parking so everyone can get there. We also have handicap access, ensuring that patients with mobility challenges can comfortably navigate our facility.

Our patient base primarily consists of individuals aged 50 and above. Dr. Langston, a prosthodontist, specializes in dentures and teeth replacement for older patients, and he performs these procedures every single day, not just occasionally. This expertise allows us to cater specifically to the unique dental needs of our older patients.

Whenever you step into our office, you can always expect a warm and friendly welcome from our compassionate team, which is dedicated to making your visit as pleasant as possible. We also have a therapy dog named Oakly if you are uncomfortable or nervous about your dental appointments or procedures.

In addition to our commitment to patient comfort and convenience, we also offer the latest technological advances in dentistry. This includes Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics (CEREC), a cutting-edge technology that enables us to create dental crowns in just one hour. This means less time waiting and more time enjoying your beautiful smile.

To make getting treatment as easy and stress-free as possible, we offer various payment options. We accept major credit cards, cash, and checks. Additionally, we provide financing plans to help you manage the cost of your dental care. We also offer senior discounts to make dental treatment more affordable for our older patients, demonstrating our dedication to enhancing your overall experience at our office.

The Dental Implant and Aesthetic Specialists As Your Trusted Partner in Senior Dental Care

For seniors living in retirement homes, having access to dependable and in-office dental care is essential for achieving the best oral health outcomes. At Dental Implant and Aesthetic Specialists, Dr. Brett Langston is ready to provide the tailored, specialized care you need.
To schedule an appointment for a loved one or for yourself or to get more information on our services today, call (404) 321-4588 or write to us at [email protected].